dave-linda-1We really enjoy making your rings. Traveling to various events and marketplaces has provided us with countless memories of so many wonderful people.  Perhaps you are one of them? Our hearts have often been touched by people who are willing to share their stories for us to pass on. These stories have made our travels even more enjoyable and exciting. Here are just a few that we can share with you now. Enjoy!

– David & Linda Desbois



Broken Hearts

Broken Hearts

We are truly sorry for your loss.

Broken Hearts –  The hope of this story is to bless a special mom, and to raise awareness about certain behaviors that place life at risk.

This could be about anyone that has suffered a traumatic loss, but today it is specifically about a young man who lost his life on an ATV, and his mother who we are expressing our love for.

The show was the Long Meddowe Days fair, toward the end of the day on Sunday, when the saddest moment occurred.

Being very busy waiting on customers, finishing up a number of orders, I looked up and saw a woman standing about 20 feet away, directly across from our booth. She had been standing there for several minutes watching me.

The incident unfolds with me making a joke. “I did not do it, it was the other guy”, I said. The woman responded by walking towards me. She held up her hand and showed that she already had a ring. I asked how the coloring was and she said faded. She had bought the ring a year earlier from folks that I knew.

While the ring was being repainted she said that she would like one for her other hand. As she picked up the ring, her comment, “When it rains it really pours.” started me thinking.  Something was up with this woman. Her daughter was headed home from another state and the truck they were renting broke down. Then the replacement truck also broke with the same problem – but that’s not all.

There was a pain in her voice and her eyes were very sad.   Not knowing what the situation was, the ring order continued. There was a heightened atmosphere created by her heavy heart. It felt like a foggy day with a light cold mist, although the sun was shining brightly that day without a cloud in the sky.

She wanted her son’s name on the ring, a heart, and the words ‘my little boy’. After the ring was nearly finished the space between her sons name and boy needed something. I asked if she would like an infinity sign there. Yes she responded.

Then, the conversation turned extremely somber. The tension grew and there was a deep pain in her voice as we began to pick out the colors for the ring. My son liked this color; he also liked that one for the heart. Others were picked; somewhere in the process she looked me in the eye and said, ”My son died on Friday, at age 21. He had an ATV accident.”

Tears began to flow from her eyes and her deep grief could be felt miles away. Not knowing how to respond, I said, “I’m very sorry for your loss…” She rose and said,” put that in your website” as tears streamed down her cheeks. She looked down at her ring and walked away.

This article is for you, mom, with our deepest blessings. Perhaps this story will help to prevent another incident. Our prayers are with you.

– Dave & Linda DesBois

Note to our readers; Please think twice before you do anything dangerous that could lead to this much pain and grief in a mother, or in the life 0f anyone who loves you. There is so much suffering that permeates through every cell of the body, that even the atmosphere around them can be affected. These moments may feel like forever and the feelings are inescapable.

You may feel indestructible and that can do anything. You may love to take risk for the rush and excitement, or show off in front of friends, or just test your limits. But please, always remember that hearts can be broken in an instance.

Broken Hearts of the ones that love you the most… especially your mom!

Posted on May 24, 2014

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