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It has often been said that our greatest experiences in life are recognizable by their emotional attachments. We become most passionate about them when our emotions are peaked. These emotions are often revisited when something (even like a ring), or someone, triggers the memory of it. This is why purchasing a personalized name ring is such a passionate process that evokes so much joy, both to buy one, and to own one.

Rings are very personal to people. They are worn as a symbol of self expression, and are designed to reflect that which is deeply valued. They are uniquely tailored for to be appreciated, and to share with others. But most importantly, they help us to be reminded of memories too important to lose. Always to be kept near and dear – always with us.

Regardless of how rings are made, what really makes them so precious are those reasons to own one. They are made specifically for the one who wears it, and often represent deep and meaningful relationships in life.

Each personalized ring is stamped with an individualized purpose in mind. This could be a name, a symbol, or a message, and each one is an expression one’s self, or of a relationship, or a highly regarded value, special interest, or event.

Gold Edge RingNow, we would like to take a few moments to pass along some of those memorable moments others have had when making their own name rings. Some of our patrons have been willing to share their story with us, that we might share them with you.

Catch their joy inside our blog coming soon!

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Posted on Mar 10, 2014
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