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The Grecian festival in Worcester was a perfect demonstration of life in action. The 100th anniversary of the Spyridon Greek Cathedral was celebrated in grand style. The spot lights that cut across the night sky could be seen for miles around. Cars lined the streets all around Elm Park and the surrounding streets for blocks. People seemed to swarm into the grounds from all directions like bees returning from their pollen gathering. This truly is a cultural affair!

Greek TentWe need to continue setting the scene with the huge circus style tent that covered an entire 1 ½ acre parking lot. Three quarters was filled with tables and chairs, while the other included the stage, dance floor and (food, drinks, grills, Little Greek Tavern, take outs, church tables and beer taps). There was just across the street in another lot a medium size amusement park for the children, including rides and games.

The doors of the church where open to share their facility with the community at large. There was an indoor market set in a beautiful and elegant hall. Many items were for sale and others to promote schools, trips, businesses and organizations. They even had a radio station set up in the hall as you entered for a short time. There were a number of raffle tables set so you could take a chance at winning a car, big screen TV, grill and other items. We were told that the fees and proceeds where to be used for church activities and community out reaches.

There was a large room set up with a panorama of historical pictures of the building of the church and the families that were involved. The story in their magazine was displayed on the wall which told of the split in the Greek community in Worcester and then the coming of the two back together. The many single men, who first arrived in this country, established themselves in jobs and businesses and then went back to Greece to find their wives.

There were tours of the Cathedral which is just breath taking. The art sculptures and colors are magnificent. You really get a sense of the greatness of our God and that he is not poor. His majesty permeates the sanctuary and surely the families that worship there!

Greek Patrons

But the most impressive was not the tangible. The love that could be witnessed between each other could be seen in the hugs and kisses. The instant smiles when old friends come together, the whispering in the ears as one leans close to the other and the sparkle in each others eyes. Laughter is filling the air. Life, like the fresh new grass, leaves budding on the trees and beautiful flowers taking the place of brown emptiness.

They have been preparing for weeks for this festival. The electrician said that he was tired from stringing the lights and running the power lines for grills, hot plates, coolers etc. Women and men alike have been cooking and prepping the delicious foods that would satisfy the thousands to be fed over the week-end. The lines started early as the two main cafeteria style serving areas opened and the lines grew quickly and continued constantly. There was also an area that prepared gyros, desserts, pastry and other short order items. The men and women worked like a well-oiled machine in an assemble style process.

The servers seemed to be at peace! There was no rushing as the amazing quantity of food was dished out to expectant patrons. One lad took turns serving, and then he dressed in his cultural attire for the Demonstration of cultural Greek dancing. He found some time to come by and have a customized ring done with his name.

Little Greek TavernThe dances where colorful and lively and again they demonstrated unity and togetherness. Arms interwoven in a straight line as they jumped moved with quick feet all in unity.   Some of the dances represented the mating ritual that takes place between the young members of this community (culture). Yes you could see the young bucks eyeballing the beautiful does on the dance floor. I noticed that some of the attractive young ladies seemed to hoover close to their families while others flirted with the boys. One young lad as he was quickly leaving his table in the Little Greek Tavern turned and said, “They are all blank”.

Large families sat around the tables that were gathered together so all could sit together. Old and young alike where enjoying eating, drinking, laughter and fellowship (joy filled the impressive gathering). They all seemed to be family. The tent held thousands and was filled to overflowing with a stream flowing back and forth to the amusement park and indoor market.

Sunday evening around 9:30 pm the crowds where dispersing and there was a kind of still sadness in the air. The signs of a great gathering lingered behind in overflowing trash cans, piles of empty bottles and immense open space. The festival passed so quickly but memories built that would last a life time. Someday there will be a celebration that will last much longer; this was just a shadow of the one to come, the true LAMBS SUPPER!

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Posted on Jun 10, 2014
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