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Mother’s Day –  We all have one, mother that is, unless of course the latest technology has “delivered” a way around that…

There is that one day a year that is set aside for the one that not only painfully delivered you, but spent the previous nine months carrying you around while trying to function, and the following months, tirelessly committed to feed and change you around the clock. Then, for years, she continued to provide for your every need.

Mothers DaySo what do we do to honor them on their special day? Most of us run around like crazy trying to find that one perfect gift that will say I LOVE YOU. Flowers and candy seem to be the standard along with a card. Some of us go a little nuts and get an item that they know will bring tears to their eyes.

There is that special photo which is blown up and put in an elegant frame, or the dress and/or shoes she has been eyeballing for months along with the matching purse. Perhaps a special piece of jewelry with all the names of her children embossed into it will also meet the need to make her feel special. Sometimes it is not a thing at all.

There is one special person that likes to give experiences rather than items. She would suggest a night out at a very fancy restaurant, going for a picnic near a quiet babbling brook or on top of a mountain. Maybe even going sky diving at 20 thousand feet, isn’t that a hoot. How about a tour of Boston on a Segway?

Mothers Day SurpriseWhatever it may be we really need to honor those that have sacrificed so much for us. They are the back bone of society because they are the first to have a lasting effect on each of us. The future is not only in our children, but also in the hearts of every mother throughout the world.

Happy Mothers Day!

David & Linda DesBois


Mothers Day Surprises



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Posted on May 12, 2014
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