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Rings of Encouragement

When I was a boy.A young man in his late twenties or early thirties came up to me. He was happy to see that Ideal Rings made personalized rings. He told me a story of the ring that he had been given as a boy.

The ring had great value to him, not so much about cost, but rather how it made him feel. He said that his name was different from all the other children, and he felt a bit self-conscious about it.

The image he had of himself was not very high, which naturally was reflected in his achievements. One day,  his grandfather gave him a gift. He told him of the power he had inside of him, that he could accomplish anything he wanted.

The gift was a ring. The ring represented what his grandfather told him, and it played an important role in his growth. It distinguished him from the other children, and he began excelling in both his school work and athletics.

His self-esteem grew. Every time he looked at the ring he remembered the words he was told. The importance of those encouraging words cannot be measured with money. 

Today, he remembered that he had lost the ring many years earlier, and now he had an opportunity to replace it, only this time with his grandfather’s name on it.

The advice of his grandfather, and the ring that represented that, were both priceless to him.

– David Desbois

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Posted on Mar 11, 2014
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