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One of the highlights of this event has to be the fact that we were setting up next to a great group of guys. When we were assigned our booth space we noticed several large guys working on a nearby booth. From their vests and insignias, it was obvious that they rode together as vets.


Their greetings were cordial, but they definitely were sizing me up as one stated, “I thought this space was going to be empty.” As time went on though, the atmosphere got more relaxed as we started to get to know each other better.


Over the course of the event the Hells Angels across from us started shooting rolled up socks across the aisle. This was done by a large sling shot they constructed.  Now this may give you some idea of what goes on when vendors are bored.


Our first customer was a member of ‘lion of Judah ‘, motorcycle ministry group. We got to talking and he called all his brothers over. We made several rings for them. After we finished, we all prayed together being a witness to the people around. That’s their ministry to bikers everywhere.


Now the Vets next to us really have their eyes on us. The Hells Angels are losing ground. The vendor next to them which I contacted before the event started also looked over. He was alone in a double booth. One side was his photography business and the other was BostonBiker. Com.


Larry CahillWe do most of our advertising by giving away a ring or two at each event. Because my wife got many of our leads from Boston, I offered Larry Cahill a free ring if I could use it for a display during the event. He agreed and a ring was made that fit Him with ‘Boston Biker.Com’ on it.


From the picture you will notice that Larry has his head in the spokes of the biker world and his heart is the tempo of Boston Bikers everywhere. Thank you Larry Cahill and I hope you enjoy your ring.


Another person we met was one of the main forces behind the Wounded Vets Run [April 27th]. Cindy is a wonderful person that volunteers a great deal of her time to help our vets. While talking with her I realized she had a heart to give but her body was hurting. She explained all she did at the event and I thought she could really use a 4 Wheeler.


We pass by M.O.M. SOUTH dealership as we travel down route 1 in Foxboro to do events at Fusion V Bar and Grill many times. They had a whole area with a large # of Victory motorcycles at the expo. I also know that they deal in Polaris 4wheelers. All I did was make a few suggestions and Walla. Cindy will be riding around at the Wounded Vets Run in a 4wheeler of her choice.


Special Thanks to M.O.M. South, located at 1000 Washington st. Rt 1 Foxborough Ma.



Now let’s get back to the vets that are set up right next to us. They became one of our best customers and friends of the day. We shared stories and learned a great deal of what Vets go through when they return from serving.


I have gotten a greater respect for these men and women that are in our military.


Thank you and God Bless.

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Posted on Apr 24, 2014
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