Ordering Instructions

Ring In Box1. Pick your ring style and nearest full ring size. (Go Here)
2. Select names & symbols to be stamped into your ring.
3. Submit your order below using the email form.
4. Call us to confirm your exact order details.


PRICING – Expressions imprinted on your ring are FREE.

Including; additional names and symbols.

SYMBOLS available:

Heart (H), Double Heart (2H), Asterisk (*), Cross (C),
smiley (S),  Ampersand (&)

SHIPPING & HANDLING –  $5.00 (for up to three rings)


Your payment will be taken via telephone confirmation. Your ring(s) will be shipped within three business days.

Come back to our “contact Us” page. Email us; Verify that your order was received.  Tell us about your overall experience.

Thank You!