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A Name Ring For The Man Who Has Everything.
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ring-valueThe things that we value in this world change as we change and grow. You may have noticed in your life how that is true. As a youngster it was that new toy; action figure, truck, doll, pony, etc. that becomes a desire and goal to have. The young teenager is looking for recognition from their peers. The things like clothing, cd’s (music), cosmetics, colognes, deodorants, hair products and the like are priorities. Oh ya! Cell Phones too! In the later teens the desired items change put the goal is still the same. Cars, motorcycles, skate boards, skies (snowboards), money, fine jewelry, etc.

Now you have a mate and start a family. The needs and desires grow; a house, newer car, furnishings, more money, better toys (a boat), finer jewelry, a grill, swimming pool, and friends. The things that are valued change and others play an ever growing role in shaping what we value.

At a certain point things that we valued a great deal just seem to drop off. What becomes valuable is less material. Our relationships and spiritual well being become the focus. The pet that meets the inner need for companionship plays a center role in life. Also the question of where will we end up after death.

This story all began because a 70 year old man could not sleep. He was so excited to get back to the flea market to buy a ring. He did not have the money on him to purchase it the day before, but said that he was a man that had everything.   He explained some of the toys and wealth that he had accumulated; money, cars, fine jewelry, and silver & gold.

He really wanted a ring with his wife’s name and his girlfriend’s name (that was his dog, Peanut) on the ring. As we worked together to design the layout and colors for the ring he told stories on how he could sell. “I’m one that could sell the Brooklyn Bridge “he said. He did not know that my wife had already sold it!

Now what he valued the most at age 70 was his wife and dog. The other question on his mind was where he was going to be when he died. A little startled I asked, “You’re not sure at your age?” We discussed the word of truth, he saw my t-shirt of Jesus. Then said “He is the Boss!”, and we both knew where he was going after death. He said, “The only thing that I would like to be buried with is this ring.” He was holding the personalized ring that he had just purchased for fewer than 50 dollars.

This is not the first time that a simple stainless steel ring won out over gold, silver, precious metals and diamonds. When we first started the business there was this grandmother.   She also had some wealth of the world. But when she put on her ring with the names of her two grandchildren and the inscription ‘MY TWO LITTLE ANGLES’ all other rings where put in the jewelry box. The precious stones are the hearts of her angles on that ring which she said “I’ll never take it off”. A year later when I saw her, she still had it on and still loved it.

Rings are valued most, not for the metal or stones but rather for the feelings and meaning they bring to our lives.

Touching hearts is what we do at “JUST 4 U”.

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Posted on May 8, 2014
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