Messed Up Rings

messed-upMany times when I do rings for customers, just before I hand them the ring, I change the names.   So when Joe and Michelle step up to pick up their personalized ring, I’ll look down at the ring and say, ‘John and Mary your rings are ready’. Then I wait to see the response and expression on their faces.

One couple I did that to just looked at me and then the rings, smiled and said, ‘These aren’t our names!’ They got me and my response was bewilderment. We all laughed and they were ecstatic with their rings.

Name Rings – There was one particular couple that did have the wrong name. He was great and very understanding. His name was first and I got it right. Her name was written wrong on the slip. I punched, ‘HUNG’. When he looked at the ring, He said “no no no this is not right”. I was just a little bit embarrassed. I told him that I would make it right. They went off shopping and when they came back, the ring was done right. He kept apologizing. I said thank you, it was our fault. Great customers!

The embossing (stamping) of rings is an art and a talent. At first glance it may look like the letters are just being pounded into the metal. There is much more involved. The proper technique takes many months and rings to perfect. That is why there are mess ups.

Over the past years we have over a 100 ideal rings that were not given to the customer. We, at Just 4 U, will not let a poor quality ring leave our booth.   Many times the rings are used as samples if they can be fixed to a presentable product.

Spacing is a very important part of the skill needed to do quality work. One day I had a ring and the name Ada was to be stamped. When I did the ring the spacing between the D and the second A was too great. I made another ring. Now what to do with the other? I asked Linda if she had any ideas, she is really good with cross word puzzles, she said no idea. Then I thought for a moment and had an Idea. Put B in front of the ad and ss after the second A. Walla, one of my wife’s favorite rings, ‘BAD ASS’.

We will do anything that we can to make things right if the customer is not satisfied. A Happy customer will bring many more our way. Thank you to all our friends and customers. We really do appreciate your business and the short time that we share together.

From both Linda and I , Our love to you!

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