Rex Trailer

Celebrating His 84th Birthday

Rex Trailer 84th BirthdayRex Trailer At Lancaster Flea Market – Here I am with Rex Trailer; the cowboy from the children’s program ‘Boom Town USA’ aired 1956 -1974. Many people don’t realize that Rex continued working in broadcasting after the show ended. His contributions continued while he involved himself as a broadcasting instructor at Emerson College.

Rex not only liked to be on stage, but he also enjoyed promoting other businesses. He was making an appearance at at the Lancaster Flea Market on rt. 70 in October of 2012 when I had the chance to meet him.

It was his 84th birthday! Right then, I decided to present a gift to him. The gift was a ring with BOOM TOWN USA on one side and REX TRAILER on the other.

output_ZV9NkGHe was so excited to show off his new personalized ideal ring. I was pulled onto his set and the picture you see to the left was taken right there.

He will be remembered by many with love. Rex passed away in January 2013.

I will remember him as someone who continued to give to others, right to the end. He was a showman and delighted crowds with his wit and charm, but always with a giving heart.

Posted on May 1, 2014

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