Boston Wounded Vets Run

April 27, 2014 – The day was cloudy, misty, with intermittent showers in the morning on the way to the event. While driving down Rt. 2 we were passed by a ½ dozen motorcycles pressing through the damp cold rain. Their support and commitment is just a reflection of the thousands of riders that made their way to the ride.

As we approached the Harley Davidson show room on Rt. 16 you could start to sense the importance and excitement.   Cars were stopped at a red light by police as 30 or more cyclists turned into the event. The pedestrians walking on the side of the road were not in normal street cloths. They wore black leather chaps and jackets with a large number of different insignia on their backs. The Harley parking lot was filled with Bikes, tents and people hours before the ride began.

Suffolk Downs was being transformed from a race track to a large party. The big top tent filled with tables and chairs, 30 foot stage equipped with sound system ( TigerLily Band performed, Vets were honored, speakers spoke), vendors of all kinds dotted the area in front of the main building. Then there was the smell of six large charcoal grills being fired up which would cook the hundreds upon hundreds of hamburgers and hotdogs. The Hide Park Harley Riders began to pile up the food all wrapped in tin fold, many family members helping, for the ones out on the Run.

Again, the Just 4 U/IdealRings booth was setup next to a great group of Bikers; Bikers Against Child Abuse.
Bikers Against Child Abuse
As the day went on they became both customers friends (comrades). This group is one of the many that came out to support our wounded veterans. A big “hats off” to all those that took part in the Wounded Vets Run.

The parking lot in the front of the main building begins to fill up. Then a Huge stream of motorcycles fills the place like a flood. The roar is like a massive water fall and your right under it. Excitement grows!

Now the bands playing as thousands enter the party. Everyone is carrying aluminum in one hand with a cold one in the other. The rain has held off and the sun is trying to peek through the clouds. Then there is an announcement that all make their way to the stage area. The roar of talking becomes complete silence as the Star Spangle Banner is sung.   With another great roar and applause at the end the Honors are presented. This is what it is all about, honoring our soldiers for their sacrifice.

Andy KinsleyThere were two major highlights of the event for me. First was the opportunity to make a ring for one of the Vets, Andy Kinsley that lives in my childhood home town of Gardner. He was excited and I got to shake his hand and say thank you personally. The second came at about the same time. It had started to rain minutes earlier. Then the sun came from nowhere producing the most amazing rain bow just across the race track. There was a full ½ circle with brilliant colors that made even the trees glow with color. I believe this was God making his presence known. What a way to end the Event!

Posted on Apr 29, 2014

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